Our Story

Founded April 2019.
SheekMode, derived from the word chic, is a contemporary womenswear pop up boutique. Dara and Colondra are two best friends from St. Louis, MO who came together while on separate journeys in New York City. Both having fashion degrees, they noticed a lack of contemporary fast-fashion shops in the Brooklyn community and decided together they can use their backgrounds to introduce this missing element into the area. As two working women with very demanding roles in the creative industries they invested their personal funds to create a stylish, unrestricted, and enjoyable experience for the everyday Sheek woman.

SHEekisChic! SHEek is you! SHEek is us!

SheekMode promises a gratifying shopping experience, where clients will always find something Sheek! We will continue to create loyalty to the niche of fashion-forward women within the Brooklyn neighborhood and around the globe.